Company Introduction
Thank you all for coming.
For Tbell, person is the best value.
In order to contribute quality to the Korean IT industry, we are leading a paradigm shift in testing services by differentiating testing methodologies and services. Based on our philosophy and quality values, we provide testing services tailored to the needs of not only large enterprises but also small businesses and venture companies, and Tbell’s customer solutions can provide satisfaction and stability to users.
With a view to the best customer quality, Tbell is a leading quality service company in Korea that provides differentiated testing experience. It provides test services and is focused on Devops and OpenSource test technology to record growth.
In the future, Tbell will continue to strive to provide satisfactory and reliable testing services for its customers, and will be recognized as a leading testing company in Korea beyond the Korean market.
Thank you.
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Value System
Continue to grow with customers based on software testing expertise and trust
First, testing software to satisfy customer quality
Second, contribution to fostering software test engineers
Third, development tools and test tool services
Fourth, developers and testers can provide smarter solutions for more valuable work.
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Apr. SK Tech X IPTV Set-Top-Box Test, Finnq senior Solution Test
Mar. SK-Telecom 동반성장협약
Feb. SmileGate STOVE Platform Test, PentaSecurity System Security Tool Test, Jeju Air Web/App Test
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Dec. SiwonSchool device Test, ClayFingers VR Test
Sep. SK C&C 업체 등록(Set-Top-Box Test), a nuclear generator and telemeter Test
Jul. AppliCat Test, Aracommunications Test, Viavi-solutions 연간 계약(4G base station telemeter), KT WebPage Test
Jun. 소프트웨어 협의회 회원사 등록, 중소기업 품질 과제 진행
May. 비비디 가상메이크업 Test
Apr.  Entrix 검증 업체 선정(Set-Top-Box Test)

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Oct. PnTconserting Platform Test
Jun. K-shopping mall Test
Apr. China Shopping mall Test
Feb. SK-telecom 전사 품질 용역 업체 계약

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Nov. Enoughmedia, Eastar Jet, Citech Testing
Oct. Samsung SDS 2차 벤더 계약 (SamsungGroup Messenger Test)
Sep. KTh 정식 업체 계약 (CLiP QA)
Jun. MoovLab Qulity Conserting & Test
May. Incorporated Tbell

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905, 9F, 354, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06242, Republic of Korea
+82-70-7777-9113 / +82-70-7777-6368
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